Reasons to Love Fall: HOT APPLE CIDER

Hot Apple Cider excites me more than the thought of fall itself.  Each year I look forward to going to the pumpkin patch and apple picking.  Then the little greedy girl inside of me also has to have apple cider donuts with hot apple cider.

Yummy and the ONLY reason to love fall and the winter time that is soon approaching.  My other love that multiples all of this is a fireplace!

Products I love: Activities for Babies

So I learned this week that my little one is growing so quickly that soon the swing I used to put her in is no longer doing the trick!   Every time I attempt to put her in there now at almost 6 months she looks as if she is ready to climb out.  Now literally 2 months ago she was in there everyday at 10am on the dot and didn’t normally wake up for another 3 hours!  And when I was doing the 2 hour feedings I simply woke her up, fed her and put her back in the swing.  Piece of Cake…BUT NO MORE.  It is true that they grow up so fast!!

Here are the products that she is quickly growing out of and the bouncy chair is about all I have left to contain her in one area..YIKES.  But I will say this…each device was a life saver at certain points!! Something as simple as having dinner became much easier once we started using the swing.


Activity GYM



Here is a list of what other moms love!

Motherhood Guilt

This must be a trait of a new mom..but I am starting to find that when I need to take care of other things or have to work and leave the child behind I feel extreme guilt.

There is something to be said about the way you were raised and then wanting to raise your own children in a different way.  My mother traveled all the time for work and I know she did it so that we could have better lives but now that I am a mother I want something different.  I want to be there to teach and grow with them.  The question is HOW and just afford to live??

Starting operation we need a plan!  again something about motherhood keeps me motivated and HUNGRY for more!