Mommy Products: nügg Hydrating Face Mask

I am always on the hunt for beauty products that are NO FUSS and actually work.   So I subscribed to birchbox this year thinking that I would have no time to get out of the house and find new products as a new mom.

Best thing I could have done!

So honestly it took me about 2 months to remember that I had the products but the other night bedtime allowed me to catch a few minutes to myself!

I used the nügg Hydrating Face Mask.   They come in these small to go packets and you could potentially get 2 uses out of them.  I used the whole thing on my face assuming that it needed all the help it could get.

Now 2 days later I noticed that my skin looks amazing!!  Now If I could just find the time to do this once a week!!  Always a challenge but I am up for task…I think my skin will thank me!

I’m a Mommy Blogger and Proud of It


Call a woman a “mommy blogger” and you might as well be slinging mud. The expression, as it is most commonly used, is patronizing at best, derogatory at worst. What’s more is that it manages to offend on dual levels: a seeming contempt for both motherhood and the way mothers write about themselves. And yet, suffice it to say: I am a mommy blogger and proud of it.

Before I became a mommy blogger, I wrote a monograph titled The Advent of Pluralism: Diversity and Conflict in the Age of Sophocles. The book was about the meta-ethical theory of pluralism as it manifested itself in pre-Platonic Greek thought. Now I have a website, where I write about parenting and children—the tragedy of sibling rivalry as much as the comedy of a six year old’s staged wedding. Is this a change in subject matter tantamount to a fall from…

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How to Get What You Want

Helpful tips!


Answer by Oliver Emberton on Quora.

There are just two reasons why you haven’t done the stuff that you ‘want’ to do.

  1. You can’t because of something external
  2. You won’t because of something internal

Here’s the thing: nearly everyone who succeeds, will always assume number #2. By default, the reason they have failed is themselves. It is, without fail, their own fault. Always.

If this sounds like willful bunk, consider the flip side: those who fail always assume it’s not their fault. With that attitude, your ego is forever letting itself off the hook. You can’t learn from your experiences, except maybe that you shouldn’t have even tried, because — well — that big bad world was just super-mean to you again.

Try listening to a lot of normal conversation: it’s just ego repair.

“I’ve been here 6 years in the same job and they still haven’t…

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With the Holidays

The holidays are here and I couldn’t be more happy! As a new mom I have already started gathering holiday outfits and decorations!! There is something magical about the holidays and what it represents.  Baby’s first Christmas is such a beautiful blessing and milestone.

How can I contain my excitement??  I am going to somehow stop myself from buying tons of red and silver and gold!