The Dream Street

So here is a little story about my progress…Ever since I was a little girl my mom and I used to drive on Sundays after church and look at houses.  I became rather obsessed with nice architecture and unique looking houses.

When I learned to drive myself I found myself getting lost and stumbling on amazing houses.   On those drives I started making decisions and declarations for my life.

Today, I have moved several times, have a house and family of my own but I still have a dream street!  The dream street gives me something to look forward to, goals to obtain and options in life that I should always be considering.

My ultimate goal in life is constant progress and a “dream street” can always get better and better!


Why Customer Service is so Important! Thank you Boon Inc!

So what happens when you get all these baby items as gifts for your shower and you don’t use things for months before learning that there may be something wrong with the product.

So I swear by Boon Products!!  We were given the Boon Pedestal high chair

Great Design

Great Design

and recently I realized that pieces of the base were coming out.

It was a simple email with the model numbers and pictures and my new base is on the way!!

LOVE that and love a company with a good customer service model!  Takes the stress off a parent and allows you to keep going! A busy mom like myself…I can appreciate that!