Attending a Pool Party Post Baby

I’m headed to a pool party for work. 😦 YUCK!  But I did find some success when I found a swimsuit that is post baby body friendly.  I still think I will be wearing a sundress and hoping no one notices that extra pounds around my mid section!! I am working on it though! Signed up for weight watchers this week and I hope to find success there!

Check them out here.

2 thoughts on “Attending a Pool Party Post Baby

  1. Good luck with your fitness journey! If weight watchers doesn’t end up working for you or if you need any help along the way feel free to reach out to me! It’s about learning what works for your body and how it reacts. PS. I recently wrote a little intro post to flexible dieting, it may be something that works for you ! Let me know if you’d be interested in learning more I’d be more than happy to help you create a custom nutrition/fitness plan that fits your lifestyle 🙂


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