The Mom Consumer

So I was recently watching Melissa Harris-Perry and she was doing a segment on how stores that we shop at learn what stages we are in our lives and start sending us information and coupons based on our shopping habits.  The second I bought diapers for the first time on Amazon I started getting invitations to Amazon Mom immediately following.  It was bizarre but I know that everything we do online is traceable.  But it really got me thinking because I feel like since being a mom I shop and hoard a TON more!

Is it because as a single person you really don’t need much??  I can admit that I am having a ball buying baby clothes and finding the best products.  Not everything agrees with babies…I have gone through 4 soaps already! Settled on Aquaphor.

Well anyways…i find it fascinating how all the stores learned I was a mom and now I get emails about sales and it BREEDS the ultimate consumer!

PS. Old Navy is having a baby sale.  Cute stuff like this…091814_US_BabySale_dp_PRIM_baby

Baby Feet

I quickly learned that I love Baby Socks. LIKE Love them.  So each time I buy them I am on a quest to find the best fitting and the perfect ones.  Here are some of the brands that I love the most.


I also think that Old Navy and Gap have great socks but the sizes can be off at times.  0-6 was always too big and then the 0-3 only lasted for 2 washes. Anyone else have a baby sock favorite??

And because I could never find shoes to fit….socks that look like shoes are PERFECT!