15 months…too soon to start potty training



So I noticed that my daughter is now going into the bathroom and standing by the toliet randomly. I was scratching my head like hmmm what is she doing. Is it possible that she is ready to start potty training?? Can that really be the case??

Seems a bit early but I am one of those people who pays attention to signed so I went ahead and purchased two different pottys. One for home and one for travel!!

Always gotta be prepared!!

Reading List: What are you reading??

So I have a thing where I am always reading 2 things at a time…one for personal development and one for fun!  Here is what I am currently reading.  I have read almost all of Murakami’s books and then of course now that I am a parent my interest in my child has changed my personal development book choice!

New Haruki Murakami smart