The First Kids Party

Last weekend we attended our first kids party with baby in tow.  My husband and I were truly surprised!! I was running around doing the limbo, pinata and playing games.  And he was with the fellas having drinks and watching the children play.

Then someone came over to me and said.  First kids party huh?  I was like how can you tell!!?? He said don’t worry it normally turns into an adults party afterwards.

I decided in that moment that even though is is only 9 months and can’t do much yet with other kids, I enjoyed exposing her to the fun involved with parties, games and playing along!  I found myself smiling within.  Without a huge network of moms close by it was nice to just sit back, talk to other moms and watch the kids play!

The downside of course was that after her first kids party…followed her first virus!! The gift that keeps giving because now I have it as well!

I spent the first couple of days beating myself up and then finally realized that it happened and that there is nothing else to do!  Now turn way to protect a child.  I washed her hands..dressed her warmly, etc.

Another lesson in motherhood.  Being more flexible and learning to enjoy all of the moments.  I have spent the last week nursing her back to health…but I suppose the beauty of it all is learning that I CAN.

Always carry batteries

Today I traveled for the first time and left the baby with grandma.   It was a simple day trip.   I did them all the time before she was born for work.

But today.

I got up almost 3 hours before I needed to get her ready and then myself.   She was fine by my biggest task was where was I going to pump.   I was only taking a 2 hour 20 min train.  

Well I made it thru the ride down and my client visit and back to the train station and thought I was going to explode if I touched my chest!   Where were the outlets… Where was a bathroom that had a place for private??  Didn’t this exist?   I got desperate and went to the ticket line and begged the clerk for a private place.   A private place didn’t exist…

The story ended with me buying batteries… Putting them in the pump and then crouching down in a stall to pump.  Annoying but the job was done.  
I got back on the train and then went to pick up my daughter.  I thought to myself… Gosh life changes so fast!!

She barely ate… Which was awesome because I didn’t have to pump again ad just fed her.

Breastfeeding by its nature attaches you and requires you to get relief from one another.   I got the rocky feeling relieved and she got her nourishment.

Sheesh… Long day!