Nights like these…

So here is a day in the life of a police officers wife…

An indictment comes down or DOESN’T and now they hold the police officers in the event that people start protesting.

So of course they start protesting and now they are stuck at work…

As a new mom and new wife the other aspect of this life… is the life of a cop’s wife.  And it is very different.  They think they are going in for day and have to stay..they protect and serve their city when everyone is rallying against them.

And while I may not always agree with the practices of others and how the force is run generally, it is still a job for my love.

Soon I will have to find the right words for my child and be able to explain to her about the life of her father and his role in society.   It can be a hard pill to swallow.

And you just want them to come home at night and be a husband and a father…

Every day that they leave you …you just have to hope that they return….

Natural Parenting VS Attachment Parenting VS Cry It Out

So as  new mom there are ALL these terms you learn right away.  Its like a secret society full of teams and everyone has their terms.  People ask are you keeping the crib in the room, are you letting her sleep in the bed or when are you going to start letting her cry it out.  All of them seem extreme to me in some instances.  Like occasionally she sleeps with us but then some days I am in need of good sleep and put her in the crib…I cannot let her cry longer than about 3 mins before it breaks my heart and I am all for team breastfeeding to support her immune system. What team does that place me on?

Well then I had a thought…perhaps each kid needs a different type of parenting style.  I can see how its easier to let them sleep with you if its only one kid…or what about people who live in small places and they literally HAVE to sleep together…is that still called attachment parenting??

I feel bad for the second child who ends up having to cry it out when the parents have had enough lol.

In short, I think I am team “parent for the type of kid that you have”…I just made that up so who knows how many others follow that…:)

Here are some resources that discuss each “TEAM”.

Natural Parenting

Attachment Parenting

Cry it Out Method