15 months…too soon to start potty training



So I noticed that my daughter is now going into the bathroom and standing by the toliet randomly. I was scratching my head like hmmm what is she doing. Is it possible that she is ready to start potty training?? Can that really be the case??

Seems a bit early but I am one of those people who pays attention to signed so I went ahead and purchased two different pottys. One for home and one for travel!!

Always gotta be prepared!!

Attending a Pool Party Post Baby

I’m headed to a pool party for work. 😦 YUCK!  But I did find some success when I found a swimsuit that is post baby body friendly.  I still think I will be wearing a sundress and hoping no one notices that extra pounds around my mid section!! I am working on it though! Signed up for weight watchers this week and I hope to find success there!

Check them out here.

Mommy Products: nügg Hydrating Face Mask

I am always on the hunt for beauty products that are NO FUSS and actually work.   So I subscribed to birchbox this year thinking that I would have no time to get out of the house and find new products as a new mom.

Best thing I could have done!

So honestly it took me about 2 months to remember that I had the products but the other night bedtime allowed me to catch a few minutes to myself!

I used the nügg Hydrating Face Mask.   They come in these small to go packets and you could potentially get 2 uses out of them.  I used the whole thing on my face assuming that it needed all the help it could get.

Now 2 days later I noticed that my skin looks amazing!!  Now If I could just find the time to do this once a week!!  Always a challenge but I am up for task…I think my skin will thank me!