Words to Inspire: In a child’s eyes

“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.”
N.K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Maternal Separation Anxiety

My Nanny called in sick on the first day??  Is that a sign…of COURSE IT IS!!

Because I am in Sales, I view the job as a nanny like the child is their client.  And to me first impressions are everything.

I am also learning how one of the greatest challenges in motherhood is who will watch your child when you cannot be there and how you get over the hurdle of allowing someone else to care for your child.  I know some people have NO challenges with this but I suppose that as a first time mom it can be scary!

I diagnosed myself with Maternal Separation Anxiety.  I am generally an anxiety filled person so this is just the absolute WORST!!  i look forward to when she can talk so that i can feel more comfortable with her going places without me!!

Everyone says things get better and I am holding them to it!

Saturday Night

Saturday night in mom world…is SOOOOOOOOOO different.  I had to ask myself…I wonder what my mom was doing on Saturday night when I was a baby.  Or its possible that at the time everyone had children so people all hung out together??

Points to ponder…

So then I asked her and she said that she would go out early and in the late hours she was home.  She also noted that she used to try to be so organized that she would have the cereal bowls on the table the night before just to save her the step.

Very interesting!

How Feminism Begat Intensive Mothering


Feminism and motherhood have long been cast as feuding sisters, one always attempting to undermine the other. In this calculation, women had to choose between the independence, education and self-expression of the feminist path and the nurture, sacrifice and child-centricity of the family path. The more feminist a woman is, the less appetite, it has been suggested, she will have for mothering.

Ironically, however, the opposite is true.

Women’s rising social and economic power has not squelched their desire to be mothers. Quite the opposite: it has enabled women to mother with ferocity. They research; they seek out best practices; they join a group, form a committee and agitate for their version of feeding/disciplining/sleeping. If you don’t believe me, just visit a breast-feeding support group with former litigators, marketing executives and investment bankers. Reluctant sucklers don’t stand a chance.

(MORE: Confessions of an Accidental Attachment Parent)


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Confessions of an Accidental Attachment Parent


I’m pretty sure that wearing both your children for most of the day for several years counts as attachment parenting. But I’m here to tell you that, at least in my case, it wasn’t some kind of premeditated choice. Really, I was just trying to go grocery shopping. Putting the toddler in a backpack and a newborn in a sling seemed the safest way to make it up the three flights to my apartment alive.

Most of us don’t choose to be one of those mothers. By “those mothers,” I mean whichever kind of parent you made fun of before you had your first child. But the next thing you know, your four months of maternity leave has turned into eight years, four of which you spent wearing overalls.

(MORE: Why Breast-Feeding Isn’t the Bugaboo)

How did this happen? Nobody gave me an attachment-parenting book. They didn’t need to. I lived…

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Why Drive-Thru’s are for New Moms

Sooo I am always so paranoid about leaving the baby in the car even for 2 seconds with the AC on but that means that running into a store is out or even something as simple as  getting coffee I found to be annoying with a car seat and all.

So I have developed quite the appreciation for drive-thru restaurants that serve coffee.  I once went to a shopping plaza and ran all of my errands knowing that on the way home there was a drive-thru Starbucks near by..Crazy right! Mind you I was 20 mins away from my house on the other side of town.  All for some coffee lol.

But now I am convinced that drive thrus are for moms! Or else it could just mean I don’t need to be out if it causes that much of a hassle but hey it works!!

It serves two purposes for sure now…baby gets a nap and I get coffee oh AND PEACE and Quiet!!