Date Night Edition: Cusco Peru Chicken

So we finally had a date night…we love going out to eat and trying new places.  I can admit I am a creature of habit though and I am often going back to places over and over to eat the same dish.  I remember one time I ordered the same thing for lunch everyday for 3 days in a row off of seamless.  I mean they made it too easy, you simply click reorder and the same meal from the day before gets delivered to you!

Anyways! We went to a Peruvian place in Lynbrook, NY.  Cusco Peru Chicken.  I am terrible with describing why food is good or bad.  But I give this place 8/10.   Decor was nice and simple.  Staff was friendly and quick.  Food was great and flavorful! I got the Whole Chicken with Rice & Beans and the Mr. got the Lomo Saltado which was just ok.  The Whole Chicken was great.

The good news was that the baby slept thru almost ALL of dinner! That’s when it became a date night lol.  Nonetheless it was lots of fun to just chat, share a drink and catch up.  Funny how motherhood puts you in overdrive and at the end of the day you truly have no idea what you did that day.  Time just flies!  I do my best to cherish every moment.


Lomo Saltado