15 months…too soon to start potty training



So I noticed that my daughter is now going into the bathroom and standing by the toliet randomly. I was scratching my head like hmmm what is she doing. Is it possible that she is ready to start potty training?? Can that really be the case??

Seems a bit early but I am one of those people who pays attention to signed so I went ahead and purchased two different pottys. One for home and one for travel!!

Always gotta be prepared!!

New Mom Products I love

So What I LOVE about a new baby is the opportunity to find cool products that are functional.  I had the best time shopping for the stroller and high chair because I saw them more as baby staples and therefore that meant that I had to LOVE them since I would always be using them.

Introducing my beloved Stroller and Car Seat!

I Choose the Maxi Cosi Car Seat and the Quinny Buzz because I love the DESIGN.  To this day I still get compliments about the car seat.

The high chair which I just started using…is the Boon High Chair.  Also great design and since it is going to be sitting in our kitchen for a while.  I weirdly take delight in people coming in and asking about the high chair.  DESIGN is important! I wish everyone would get the memo and create cool baby products.

Great Design

Great Design