Attending a Pool Party Post Baby

I’m headed to a pool party for work. 😦 YUCK!  But I did find some success when I found a swimsuit that is post baby body friendly.  I still think I will be wearing a sundress and hoping no one notices that extra pounds around my mid section!! I am working on it though! Signed up for weight watchers this week and I hope to find success there!

Check them out here.

Finding the Time to Think

One of the things no one told me about motherhood was just the very simple fact that there would be days, weeks etc. where you would go without doing lots of thinking.  You are almost always on auto-drive and you just move from one thing to the next trying to keep up.  I now have a one year old and I swear she was just born.  I am just starting to find the time to do things again for myself.  Then there is the time I used to spend with friends.  Now its nearly non existent and if I get the chance to “sneak away” I have to almost train myself to relax!

Well…cheers to motherhood.  I suppose you live and you learn.  One of these days I will stop heating up my coffee in the microwave about 5 times before realizing that its already time for bed and that I never even got to drink my coffee lol.

Cosleeping By Accident

I realized today when trying to put my almost 9 month old breastfeed baby down for bed that without even thinking about it we have been cosleeping.   She was a week old and I was reading books on sleep and how to get her to sleep.  I never accounted for the fact that all children are different and that there is always an exception to the rule.  The book I read had weight requirements for each sleeping milestone and my child has been under weigh….meaning that plan did not work for us and to this day she is not a big eater so the thought of putting her to bed full and she will sleep through the night is over.

Here we are..she will be 9 months in a few days.   I always start her in the crib but most night she ends up in our bed.  I would like to fault having a bed big enough but now I actually have to start looking at all of this as a blessing.   Today I considered one thought…if this is my only child and my only opportunity to have a baby then perhaps I wouldn’t mind snuggling with an infant at night.

Am I wrong for wanting my child to be close to me??  I find in the moment that she is asleep and laying with us I can actualize the blessing in a child.  So innocent, so peaceful and more than anything a definite life changer.  And with that said i very much appreciate the person I have become over the last 9 months.  Motherhood definitely changes you and personally it helped me to see the simple blessings and joys in life.

Always carry batteries

Today I traveled for the first time and left the baby with grandma.   It was a simple day trip.   I did them all the time before she was born for work.

But today.

I got up almost 3 hours before I needed to get her ready and then myself.   She was fine by my biggest task was where was I going to pump.   I was only taking a 2 hour 20 min train.  

Well I made it thru the ride down and my client visit and back to the train station and thought I was going to explode if I touched my chest!   Where were the outlets… Where was a bathroom that had a place for private??  Didn’t this exist?   I got desperate and went to the ticket line and begged the clerk for a private place.   A private place didn’t exist…

The story ended with me buying batteries… Putting them in the pump and then crouching down in a stall to pump.  Annoying but the job was done.  
I got back on the train and then went to pick up my daughter.  I thought to myself… Gosh life changes so fast!!

She barely ate… Which was awesome because I didn’t have to pump again ad just fed her.

Breastfeeding by its nature attaches you and requires you to get relief from one another.   I got the rocky feeling relieved and she got her nourishment.

Sheesh… Long day!

Confessions of an Accidental Attachment Parent


I’m pretty sure that wearing both your children for most of the day for several years counts as attachment parenting. But I’m here to tell you that, at least in my case, it wasn’t some kind of premeditated choice. Really, I was just trying to go grocery shopping. Putting the toddler in a backpack and a newborn in a sling seemed the safest way to make it up the three flights to my apartment alive.

Most of us don’t choose to be one of those mothers. By “those mothers,” I mean whichever kind of parent you made fun of before you had your first child. But the next thing you know, your four months of maternity leave has turned into eight years, four of which you spent wearing overalls.

(MORE: Why Breast-Feeding Isn’t the Bugaboo)

How did this happen? Nobody gave me an attachment-parenting book. They didn’t need to. I lived…

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