Sitting Outside during Nap Time

One of the joys is truly that moment when the kids are down for a nap and you get some much needed alone time.  I have learned to make the most of Nap times…its my quiet time too!! Especially on the weekends when I am not working.

Today I decided to kick up my feet and sunbath.  Best idea I have come up with in a really long time.  It feels like I am away somewhere…and she is just inside asleep!!

Motherhood helps you to truly cherish every moment in life and take those moments to yourself when you get the opportunity.  The wind blows, the shade comes and goes and the sun feels wonderful on my skin.  Very very happy.

Being happy in motherhood is truly a blessing!!

Why Drive-Thru’s are for New Moms

Sooo I am always so paranoid about leaving the baby in the car even for 2 seconds with the AC on but that means that running into a store is out or even something as simple as  getting coffee I found to be annoying with a car seat and all.

So I have developed quite the appreciation for drive-thru restaurants that serve coffee.  I once went to a shopping plaza and ran all of my errands knowing that on the way home there was a drive-thru Starbucks near by..Crazy right! Mind you I was 20 mins away from my house on the other side of town.  All for some coffee lol.

But now I am convinced that drive thrus are for moms! Or else it could just mean I don’t need to be out if it causes that much of a hassle but hey it works!!

It serves two purposes for sure now…baby gets a nap and I get coffee oh AND PEACE and Quiet!!