15 months…too soon to start potty training



So I noticed that my daughter is now going into the bathroom and standing by the toliet randomly. I was scratching my head like hmmm what is she doing. Is it possible that she is ready to start potty training?? Can that really be the case??

Seems a bit early but I am one of those people who pays attention to signed so I went ahead and purchased two different pottys. One for home and one for travel!!

Always gotta be prepared!!

Why Customer Service is so Important! Thank you Boon Inc!

So what happens when you get all these baby items as gifts for your shower and you don’t use things for months before learning that there may be something wrong with the product.

So I swear by Boon Products!!  We were given the Boon Pedestal high chair

Great Design

Great Design

and recently I realized that pieces of the base were coming out.

It was a simple email with the model numbers and pictures and my new base is on the way!!

LOVE that and love a company with a good customer service model!  Takes the stress off a parent and allows you to keep going! A busy mom like myself…I can appreciate that!

Products I love: Activities for Babies

So I learned this week that my little one is growing so quickly that soon the swing I used to put her in is no longer doing the trick!   Every time I attempt to put her in there now at almost 6 months she looks as if she is ready to climb out.  Now literally 2 months ago she was in there everyday at 10am on the dot and didn’t normally wake up for another 3 hours!  And when I was doing the 2 hour feedings I simply woke her up, fed her and put her back in the swing.  Piece of Cake…BUT NO MORE.  It is true that they grow up so fast!!

Here are the products that she is quickly growing out of and the bouncy chair is about all I have left to contain her in one area..YIKES.  But I will say this…each device was a life saver at certain points!! Something as simple as having dinner became much easier once we started using the swing.


Activity GYM



Here is a list of what other moms love!

New Mom Products I love

So What I LOVE about a new baby is the opportunity to find cool products that are functional.  I had the best time shopping for the stroller and high chair because I saw them more as baby staples and therefore that meant that I had to LOVE them since I would always be using them.

Introducing my beloved Stroller and Car Seat!

I Choose the Maxi Cosi Car Seat and the Quinny Buzz because I love the DESIGN.  To this day I still get compliments about the car seat.

The high chair which I just started using…is the Boon High Chair.  Also great design and since it is going to be sitting in our kitchen for a while.  I weirdly take delight in people coming in and asking about the high chair.  DESIGN is important! I wish everyone would get the memo and create cool baby products.

Great Design

Great Design